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Do not miss out on work due to illness.  Be proactive by nourishing your body and promoting ongoing health.  Juicing is an incredible way to enhance your nutritional intake while increasing your energy and fighting against sickness and diseases!

For years I have studied many theories on being healthy.  One thing everyone agrees on is that our body needs raw, whole foods – fruits and vegetables.  We just need to get our bodies to absorb the right amount of healthy nutrients so that we can live a healthy, balanced and happy life.  It is often hard to achieve this balance with our busy schedules and lifestyles.  That’s where we make it easy…  we make it convenient…  and of course, we make it healthy and tasty…  Delivered fresh and daily, directly to your door!

Produce and their Nutritional Content – Health Benefits:

Lemon: Rich in Vitamin C, it combats against cold, improves immune system, keeps skin, hair and nail strong. It also helps fight against cancer and that’s why a lot of Natural cancer centers in the world uses Vitamin C ivy therapy. It also helps prevention of strokes and keep your heart healthy, aids in digestion by stimulating bile production.

Carrot: Rich source of antioxidants, carotenoids beta-carotene and lutein, biotin and Vitamin A. Promotes healthy eyes, boosts immunity, fights cancer, may control cholesterol, strengthens hair, nails and skin.

Beet: Nutritional powerhouse, provide folate, potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants. It contains colon pigment called Betacaine which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. It may help prevent cancer. Beets naturally occurring nitrates improves blood flow, decrease blood pressure and increase stamina.

Kale: Rich with antioxidants like carotenoids, beta-carotene and lutein, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, copper and Isothiocyanates. It is a superfood that detoxifies the body, boosts immunity, increases energy, builds healthy bones, promotes healthy eyes and skin and it’s antioxidant fights against cancer.

Pineapple: Rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, potassium, manganese and other special antioxidants. It is filled with phytonutrients and Bromelain which is a protease enzyme, aids in digestion by breaking down proteins into peptides and amino acids which improve mood because amino acid tryptophan is used by the body to produce enough serotonin, “happy hormones”. It’s Vitamin B supports neurological system for energy too. It is used to treat everything from indigestion to natural allergy cure including treating asthma. It promotes heart health, improves fertility, reduces inflammation, helps with skin problem like sunburn and dry irritated skin, fights cancer by fighting free radical damage.

Orange: Loaded with Vitamin C  which boost immunity and shorten the duration of respiratory tract infections. It’s high antioxidants protect and fight against cancer and prevents the developments of cancer. It is also great source of Vitamin A, potassium, folate, calcium, iron and B Vitamins. It improves diastolic Blood pressure, protect against coronary heart disease. It lowers bad cholesterol, boosts brain function because it’s flavonoids help preserve cognitive function and prevent disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It promotes good skin health.

Grapes: Rich in antioxidant, resveratrol have been shown to activate enzymes in the liver and increase rates of detoxification of harmful chemicals. Builds healthy bones, fights inflammation, aids in energy production and promotes healthy heart.

Cucumber: Rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Potassium and magnesium. Vitamin K helps with blood clotting after an injury. Don’t take if you are on anti-coagulant medications. It also supports a healthy metabolism, nutrient absorption, aids in heart health, supports neurological function and can help protect against cancer. It improves digestion and relives constipation. It cleanse the liver by removing accumulated toxins and waste materials from the blood and gut. It is loaded with Cancer fighting antioxidants like cucurbitacin, glucosides, lignans, apigenin and flavanols, like firestin.

Spinach: Another superfood, chockfull of antioxidant glutathione. Carotenoids beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.  Folic acid, Vitamin K, copper, iron, magnesium also loaded with Vitamins A, C and E. Promotes healthy metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, boosts immunity, promotes healthy eyes and skin, build healthy bones, improve oxygen throughout the body.

Apple: Low in calories and High in Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and antioxidants like flavonoid and epicatechin, another free radical fighters which reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, asthma, promotes heart health, helps control insulin levels in the blood, combats inflammation and helps with digestive disorders by detoxifying the body. The tarter the apple, the more malic acid it has, which helps the body detox and increases metabolism. Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Celery: An excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes in addition to vitamins and mineral. It has Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium, folate and Vitamin B6. Also has acetylenic, coumarins, phthalides. Powerful diuretic that helps flush toxins. It increases stamina. Good drink to have before exercise. Builds healthy bones, fights cancer, improves white blood cell activity, may lower high blood pressure. Help lower high cholesterol, lower inflammation, boost digestion and reduce bloating. It contains anti-microbial properties that fight infections. Also, prevents UTI’s.

Jalapeno: Contains capsaicin which fights cancer, is antimicrobial and antibacterial, prevent bacterial growth specially in the gut, fight the common cold through its antioxidant Vitamin C which helps relieve migraine attacks and also promotes eyesight.

Mango: The “King of Fruits” is loaded with antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, quercetin, astragalin and Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium. It boosts brain health, bone health, lower heart disease risk, fights against cancer, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. It also alleviate anemia, increase immunity, helps with asthma.

Parsley: Top nutrients includes chlorophyll, carotenoids beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, Vitamin C and A, Vitamin K, iron, luteolin. Good source of folate, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium and zinc. Promotes healthy eyes and skin, fights cancer, boosts immunity, acts as an antioxidant, builds healthy bones, helps in blood clotting, improves oxygen transport throughout the body, builds and purifies blood, revitalizes cells, combats inflammation and prevents tumor growth. It  reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and asthma.

Mint: It has cool flavor that comes from menthol and top nutrients include terpene perillyl alcohol, Vitamin A and C. It is a good source of calcium, copper, Vitamin B2, Iron, potassium and magnesium. Aids in digestion, promotes liver health, reduces nausea, boosts immunity, flights colds and flu, reduces the  risk of cancer and it cleanses the blood.

Ginger: It is the rhizome from the ginger plant. Top nutrient is gingerols. High in magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper and Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and zinc. Combats inflammation, aids in digestion, alleviates nausea, lessens the pain of osteo-arthritis ad rheumatoid arthritis, boosts immunity, reduces the risk of cancer.

Turmeric: It has a powerful medicinal compound called Curcumin; which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and has anti-proliferative properties. Top nutrients include iron, manganese, volatile oils,Vitamin B6 and potassium. Improves oxygen transport throughout the body, promotes the healthy metabolism of fats and carbohydrates as well as combats diseases like Crohn’s disease, colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Promotes healthy liver function, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar.

Cayenne: It is a member of the Capsicum family, same family as bell peppers. Top nutrients include carotenoid beta-carotene and capsaicin.  A good source of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, Vitamin K and manganese. Promotes healthy eyes and skin, fights cancer, boosts immunity, promotes heart health and reduces the risk of diabetes, stomach ulcers, lowers cholesterol, symptoms of asthma, cluster headaches, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Cantaloupe:  Rich with chockful of antioxidants including beta-carotene. Lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin which protect cells and other structures from DNA damage and stresses caused by free radicals which fights against cancer, promotes eye-health. It also has Vitamin A and Vitamin C, phytonutrients and electrolytes. Good source of potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber and Vitamins B3, B6 and Vitamin K. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is  the root cause of several chronic diseases. It promotes heart health and aids in digestion, boosts immunity, reduce blood pressure and its potassium helps  to reduce muscle cramping. It protects against age related macular degeneration, reduces skin cancer risk. It restores body’s PH Level and helps the body to detox.

Saffron:  Loaded with antioxidants like Carotene, called crocin, which contributes to its orangish golden color; Crocin has anti-arthritic qualities and helps reduce joint inflammation. It’s antioxidant Safranin, a free radical fighter, gives saffron anti-inflammatory properties. It’s manganese can help body balance blood sugar levels also help regulate the amount of insulin released from pancreas thus reduces the possibility of type 2 diabetes. It has over one hundred active components that inhibit malignant cancer cells without harming normal cells. Boosts immunity and has the ability to neutralize free radicals causes to prevent cancer from developing and spreading. Relieves anxiety by stimulating the endocrine system which affects hormonal balance and overall health. Has the ability to absorb calcium which improves bone health and inhibit conditions like osteoporosis. It’s Vitamin B6 helps the nervous system and it’s crocetin may lower triglycerides and help promote heart health. It enhances vision and promotes healthy skin.

Your thoughts are powerful and creates your intentions.  Let your intuition be “Self-Love”.  Start by loving your body, giving it what it needs and it will reward you with a clear mind, strong heart and overall healthy existence.  Let the juicing begin!


The material provided on this site is for educational purposes only and any recommendations made are not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

You are encouraged to seek advice from your Physician before consuming any raw fruit and or vegetable juice. 

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If you are pregnant, nursing, in treatment, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your physician before consuming these products.

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