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“Make being healthy contagious!!!!”

Bring My Juice Founder, Anna and her Mi Ma
Bring My Juice Founder, Anna and her Mi Ma

My “Why” was created by a desire to bring awareness to conscious, healthy living. Because we all want to live a Happy-Healthy life. We cannot be happy if we do not have our health in order. We become what we absorb on a daily basis. It is crucial for us to be mindful and conscious about the choices we make when consuming food from when we wake up until we go to bed. There is no reason why anyone should wait until the doctor tells us that we have a disease. “You don’t go hire a tutor for a student if the student never attended any classes or opened any books”. I strongly believe nature has given us plenty to take care of our body along with our mind. Growing up in Southeast Asia, I remember the only time I went to doctors was when my fever was high and would not go down after a few days or when I broke my left arm. There was no Wellness visit because the belief is you are supposed to be healthy if there is no symptoms. If there were symptoms; it would be treated naturally first.

I remember how I was told to eat carrots, spinach and bitter melons if I wanted to stay healthy as a child and grow up to be a strong adult. Bitter melon!!! The name says it all! I had to eat bone broth at least once a week despite how much I did not like the taste because I was told it would give me shiny hair, glowing skin and beautiful strong nails. I also ate fish, because it was supposed to make me smart (brain food) and would also help my heart and skin. I vividly remember when my grandmother used to tell my mom to put warm homemade garlic oil in my ear when I had an earache… miraculously the pain would go away. I always wanted to know why but never was told the scientific reason behind it. Now we know…. Garlic is one of Nature’s best creations and has antiviral and antibacterial properties which helps with those symptoms amongst others.

Now that everyone is on a Ginger and Turmeric craze… I cheer… as I grew up eating those spices in my daily meal. Yes, including Cardamom, Cumin, Coriander (Cilantro), Cayenne pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Saffron etc. I can still remember the essence and aromas to this day!

I remember laughing in my mind when my friend started on a Paleo diet and was educating me about “ghee” (refined butter). Ghee was a staple in a south Asian kitchen. Everything gets cooked in ghee if you can afford it. LOL!

My younger son who suffers from severe allergies and eczema has always done better when he stayed to an all-natural diet. Trust me it’s hard for a 21 year old to give up fast-food and pizza! It’s a constant daily reminder to him to integrate healthy daily dietary habits into his lifestyle by eating raw fresh vegetables and fruits.

When my oldest son started College in Boston, MA I was so worried about the bone chilling, cold weather there, asthma gets triggered with cold. Every time he had symptoms of an oncoming cold; I told my son to take Elderberry, Echinacea and load up on freshly squeezed orange juice. Alas, he did not suffer from a full blown cold. I still get the phone calls from my “Amma” telling me to tell the boys to drink hot tea with ginger, turmeric, honey and lemon when I share that her beloved grandsons may be coming down with a cold. Growing up in Asia I saw my Aunties put turmeric on their knees and lower back to get rid of the pain. Yes, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties in it. I always wondered could natural stuff really work that well?

My mother was diagnosed with the “C” disease back in 2010. Being the only child and the caregiver, I had to learn firsthand how to take care of my mother. While Chemo and Radiation complications caused blood transfusion and lung damage for my Amma I learned to integrate natural stuff to condition my mom’s body so that she could fight the chemo along with cancer better. I used every awakening hour researching to find out how to naturally reduce the side effects and give her the strength to battle this horrible disease and it’s harsh treatment. Yes, juicing and broth was the answer! Her digestive tract was pretty much destroyed by the few rounds of Chemo, so the fresh juicing and the home made broth filled with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which was absorbed by her body without making her digestive organs work was the answer. Of course her oncologist was aware of her nutrient based raw juice and broth diet.

Last year I found out that one of my friends was diagnosed with stage 3 “C” and after 2 chemo sessions she had decided to stop and pursue an alternative path. Her new diet of eating plenty of fresh vegetable, fruits and micro-nutrients along with incorporating raw juices in her daily routine has been a big part of her recovery. Today, after 1 year, with great gratitude, I can share that she is doing very well and getting ready for her 2nd marathon!

So, everything naturally is available to us in order to live a fulfilled healthy life. We don’t need preservatives, additives, chemicals and or pesticides in our food. Today we already get exposed to a lot of unwanted stuff without making that choice. Understanding that, sometimes the craziness of life gets in the way but we can be mindful and make healthy choices everyday.

I welcome you to join this journey with me. Let’s educate ourselves about the benefits of all the fruits and vegetables that we can consume each and every day. Once YOU feel great Juicing, you can pass it along to your family, friends and loved ones.

"Make being healthy contagious! If you are not taking care of your body then…. who will!!!!!"

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